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Mars to be visible at its biggest, brightest on October 13

On the night of October 13, Mars will appear at its biggest and brightest to all earthlings. The Red Planet will be aligning with the Sun and the Earth in a straight line and come to an “opposition” on October 13. This means Mars will be positioned directly on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun.
All three will be in a straight line at 23:20 GMT but Mars will be clearly visible in the night sky before that happens.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) explained: “During this opposition, Mars and Earth are closest to each other in their orbits. That means Mars is at its brightest.”
Though this line-up happens almost every two years, this time Mars will orbit really close to the Earth at 38.6 million miles or 62.07 million km. The two planets will not be coming this close again till 2035.
Mars will reportedly be “visible from dusk to dawn” and appear three times brighter than Sirius. reported that the Red Planet will be rising in the east before 7 pm all of this week and it will be easy to spot on clear nights for weeks to come.
Notably, on October 6, Mars had made its closest approach to Earth. The two planets will not be coming this close for the next 15 years. The last time the Red Planet had orbited this close to the Earth was in 2018. However, it was in 2003 that the planets had come the closest and NASA has said the two would not orbit this close to each other until the year 2287. Read from source….