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Former WWE Superstar Says Vince Mcmahon Forced CM Punk to Drink Alcohol

CM Punk and Vince McMahon have been at each other since forever. The boss is one of the quirkiest people the world has ever seen and WWE superstars and officials are witnesses to it.
From fighting God himself in a WWE ring to a rumored drunk wrestling match with Kurt Angle on a flight, Vinny Mac is capable of anything.
One such incident happened with the former WWE champion CM Punk. In an interview with Hannibal TV, Chris Masters talked about this infamous incident.
Masters revealed that Vince McMahon once forced a straight-edged CM Punk to drink so that he could check his control. He also revealed that McMahon tried to instigate Punk to pick up a fight with Carlito who used to flirt with his then rumored girlfriend Maria.
“I would not really know what to do either if I was CM Punk. Maybe Vince is testing him if he can get CM Punk to break his will. That will make Vince lose respect for him or whatever, you know what I’m saying. CM Punk wouldn’t drink. And eventually, it went from CM Punk drinking to ‘hey, if you’re such a shooter, CM Punk, How about you take on..?’
“I think it was first Shelton Benjamin, And after that, it was Carly (Carlito) because Carly would flirt with Maria and I’m pretty sure CM Punk and Maria would together at the time or together at that point. So, I think the boys really instigated that. Because CM was kind of annoyed with Carlito, you know, trying to mess with him and trying to mess with…you know, kind of work-flirt with Maria, Not shoot-flirt with her. So, I don’t even remember what happened.”
CM Punk and The McMahons have always been at War
CM Punk has always disliked the way McMahons went about things. The feelings grew even stronger after he left WWE. Punk may not be fully wrong as there were times WWE preferred other stars over him.
The main reason this hurt Punk was because he was in the best run of his life. He was in the midst of a 400 day plus WWE Championship reign and was most loved by the WWE Universe at that point. Furthermore, fans saw him as the antithesis to a perceived corporate favorite, John Cena.
However, it all started to fall apart when he was told to drop the belt to Dwayne Johnson, who wasn’t even a full-time performer. Moreover, he was asked to job to Brock Lesnar, Triple H, and The Shield during his prime.
Finally, the company released him on his wedding day, sabotaging any hopes of a reconciliation. Post his release, WWE never left a chance to take shots at him.
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