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PS5 Delayed Regionally Due To Indian Counterfeiter’s Harebrained Scheme

The same person who registered the PlayStation 5 trademark in India before Sony, delaying the release of the console in the country, also runs a counterfeit PlayStation 4 accessory store. The release date of the next-gen console was finally revealed during the PlayStation Showcase in September, with the system set to hit store shelves on November 12 in select territories and November 19 in the rest of the world.
Outside of the trademark dispute which is scuppering plans for Sony’s planned Indian launch of the PlayStation 5, the company has revealed lots of new information about the console. The company confirmed that the vast majority of PlayStation 4 games will be playable on the new console, with just 10 titles listed as not supported. Some of these older games will also be upgraded when played through backward compatibility through a feature known as Game Boost. This should allow certain titles to have faster load times and better frame rates.
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The release of the PlayStation 5 in India is being delayed due to a trademark dispute. Sony was unable to trademark the console in the country as someone else had already registered it with the relevant authorities. The debacle means that Sony cannot release the next-gen system in the Indian market until the matter is resolved. Reddit user Angrypixel89 has also discovered that the person who registered the trademark also owns the Kakooze trademark, which is an online store that sells counterfeit PlayStation 4 controllers and accessories. Sony has since had the listings for the fraudulent products removed from Amazon but there has seemingly been no update in the PlayStation 5 trademark case.
Sony also recently confirmed that users will be able to transfer save data for backward compatible titles on the PlayStation 5. Progress can be carried over to the new console via Wi-Fi transfer or by using cloud saving, meaning that players won’t have to start games all over again. However, the company revealed that when it comes to upgraded versions or remasters, it will be up to individual developers to decide whether save games will work with the new editions.
The strange series of events that has stopped Sony from being able to release the PlayStation 5 as planned in India is embarrassing for such a large company. Although India is not traditionally a big factor in the gaming industry, the market is growing and this will undoubtedly be a blow to Sony. It’s even more concerning that this individual was also able to sell counterfeit PlayStation 4 accessories on Amazon undetected for what seems to have been a long time.
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The PlayStation 5 is due to launch on November 12 in select territories and on November 19 in the rest of the world. Read from source….