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New Android Auto Version, New Problems: Google Assistant No Longer Responding

The most recent release, which brings Android Auto to version 5.7 , seems to cause new Google Assistant headaches, as several users are complaining on Google’s forums that turning to voice commands in their cars is pretty much impossible now.And it’s because while launching Google Assistant works correctly, either with the dedicated button on the steering wheel or the “OK, Google” wake-up phrase, they can’t get past this step. The digital assistant no longer launches and the loading animation just gets stuck on the screen.“Got a Samsung 20, and my car is a Kia Stinger 2019. Everything was working perfectly until the last update few days ago. Now it’s no longer working at all. When I press the speaking button it just doesn’t respond at all,” one user explains The good news is that a member of the Android Auto team has already asked for additional information on this Google Assistant bug, though it goes without saying this isn’t by any means a guarantee that Google has started working on a fix.For now, the search giant just needs to determine how widespread this behavior is, though it remains to be seen how many users are actually impacted by this problem given the rollout of Android Auto 5.7 is still in its early days. Time will tell if this is something that needs to be corrected urgently, mostly after more users install the latest release.In the meantime, if you’re certain that Android Auto 5.7 is the culprit here, the best way to go is to just downgrade to the previous version. To do this, download the stand-alone APK installer from this page and deploy it manually on your device. Read from source….