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Watch: Intubated Covid-19 Patient Plays Violin in Heartwarming Video to Thank Healthcare Workers

Covid-19 pandemic has created an immense pressure on the healthcare workers. Long working hours and rising cases mean they always have to be prepared to take care of a number of patients.
Caregivers are getting exhausted taking care of the Covid-19 patients with severe symptoms. Thinking about their conditions, in a bid to cheer his caregivers, a Covid-19 patient named Grover Wilhelmsen played violin at McKay-Dee Hospital, Utah.
In the video shared by Intermountain Healthcare, Grover can be seen intubated and is sitting on his hospital bed. Reportedly, he played Tennessee Waltz and church hymns for his caregivers.
As per reports, Grover is a retired orchestra teacher and has been intubated for his treatment at the hospital. He wanted to show his gratitude to his caregivers by playing the violin.
As the retired teacher is intubated and cannot speak, he conversed with the registered nurse Ciara Sase by writing. Grover shared the wish that he would like to play at the hospital ward and asked what she thought about it. Responding to his request, Ciara said, “We’d love to hear you play, it would bring so much brightness and positivity into our environment.”
But Ciara had to also take approval from the MD to bring in the musical instrument in Grover’s ward. It was decided that she will stay in the rooms taking care of all the lines and tubes while the teacher played the violin.
When Grover played, about a dozen caregivers were in the ICU to listen to him play the tunes. Another nurse, Matt Harper said that seeing Grover play felt like a dream. He said that he is used to seeing patients miserable in this condition, but Grover made this into something positive. The nurse told that he played the violin multiple times for two days but fell too sick again and had to be sedated.
Grover spent a month fighting Covid-19 in ICU and has now been transferred to a long-term acute facility for recovery. Read from source….