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Eye on China, Taiwan thanks ‘friends in India’

NEW DELHI: In another red rag to China, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen on Sunday thanked “dear friends in India’’ for their good wishes on Taiwan National Day. While no Indian government body officially wished Taiwan, social media was flooded in the past few days with messages expressing solidarity with Taiwan, which is seen by China as a breakaway province, at a time India remains locked in a military standoff with the PLA.“Thank you to all of our dear friends in India for your well wishes on Taiwan National Day. Together, we can take pride in safeguarding our shared values like freedom and human rights , and defending our democratic way of life. Namaste,’’ tweeted the president. The reference by the leader, seen to be tough on China, implied the lack of these attributes in the mainland.The president’s remarks are the latest in a series of statements from Taiwanese leaders that has infuriated the Chinese embassy here as it believes the island is trying to exploit the anti-China sentiment in India. The embassy has sent out reminders repeatedly that no individual should work to dilute what it said was India’s acceptance of the ‘One-China’ policy and also warned Taiwan that it should not engage in any “political manipulation’’.The embassy here warned Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party on Saturday that it can’t change the fact Taiwan is an inalienable part of China, adding that any attempt to engage in political manipulation and separatist activities to create “Taiwan independence” will lead to a dead end and that China remains determined to safeguard sovereignty and integrity. Read from source….